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Investopedia was founded in 1999 with the mission of simplifying financial decisions and information to give readers the confidence to manage every aspect of their financial life.

Our millions of readers come to us from all over the world and from all walks of life. Some are learning about money and investing for the first time, while others are experienced investors, business owners, professionals, financial advisors, and executives looking to improve their knowledge and skills. No matter who they are, we are here to help.

Investopedia is a part of the Dotdash Meredith publishing family.


  • 2022 Finance Content Marketing Award, Gramercy Institute
  • 2021 Best in Business Awards, Newsletter, Medium Division, SABEW
  • 2020 Dotdash named Publisher of the Year, Digiday
  • 2019 FCS Portfolio Awards, Branded Content, Financial Communications Society
  • 2018 Great Place to Work, Great Place to Work Institute
  • 2018 Financial Content Marketing Award, Gramercy Institute
  • 2018 Dotdash named Publisher of the Year, Digiday

Investopedia in the Press

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Editorial Team

News Team

Financial Product Research & Compliance Team

In partnership with the editorial team members above, our team of research analysts and compliance professionals ensures Investopedia makes sound, accurate product evaluations.

Investopedia By the Numbers

Investopedia has been helping readers through our financial news; original studies, research, data analysis; and best-in-class educational content for 24 years. Today, our 800+ contributors help our more than 44 million monthly readers find answers to empower them to take control and improve their financial lives.


The number of articles that appear on Investopedia. More than 14,000 of those are definitions of financial terms.

Editorial Standards

Our mission is to simplify complex financial information and decisions so that our readers have the confidence to manage every aspect of their financial life. We aim to ensure that all of the articles on our site are empowering, unbiased, accurate, and inclusive.

We are committed to following the Codes of Ethics of the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW). Our content is guided by and upholds the Society for Professional Journalists’ foundations of ethical journalism: being accurate and fair, minimizing harm, acting independently, and being accountable and transparent. We also uphold the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines on disclosures, where applicable.

The Investopedia staff of editors work with our network of contributors and review boards to write, update, and manage all the articles you find on Investopedia. We don’t make recommendations for you to buy, sell, or hold securities or investments. We offer independent and unbiased product and service evaluations, and we provide relevant analysis, context, insights, and educational information to help you make smarter, better-informed decisions.

Our editorial team is continually evaluating the articles across our site to flag any that contain information that is known to be or is likely to be out-of-date. Such articles are reviewed and updated or, if necessary, completely rewritten, rechecked, and re-edited. Our network of experienced experts who uphold our process and policies assists with our updating efforts. Articles that have been updated are date-stamped to reflect this.

Each article features a byline that includes the name, a brief description, and a link to more information for each person who contributed to that piece. The date indicates when the piece was most recently updated with new information. Some articles also have a tagline at the end to provide additional information on research or authorship. 

Our editorial team approves all story ideas independently, and our expert contributors each have deep subject matter expertise in the topics that we assign them. Our team of professional editors, fact checkers, and producers reviews content to ensure it upholds our values.

All staff are responsible for disclosing any potential conflicts of interest.


Investopedia content is for informational purposes and is not intended to substitute for the advice of a licensed or certified attorney, accountant, financial advisor, or other certified financial professionals.

Financial Review Board

Our Financial Review Board includes experts with more than 100 years of combined financial experience, across every facet of the economy and personal finances. The board includes certified financial planners, certified public accountants, economists, entrepreneurs, financial analysts, investors, tax experts, and university professors. Members of the board read, review, and provide updates on our content to our editorial team so that the readers of Investopedia can feel empowered to make smarter financial decisions with the most accurate information.

Diverse Perspectives and Inclusive Content

We aim to reflect the perspectives of all ethnicities, gender identities, generations, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic backgrounds in our content to ensure we are elevating and empowering those with different points of view and serving all of our diverse readers. Specifically, we are committed to improving the degree to which Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) are represented on our editorial staff and contributor teams as well as ensuring our content is inclusive of BIPOC perspectives.

You can read our full diversity and inclusion pledge for more details.

As part of our commitment, we established an Anti-Bias Review Board made up of educators, advocates, public health specialists, journalists, researchers, financial experts, and other professionals, each with a background in supporting diversity, inclusion, and racial justice initiatives. Members review content and images across Investopedia, using research and their expertise and judgment to advise the editorial team on language, images, themes, and tone to ensure our content represents and empowers all races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, religions, and socioeconomic circumstances.

Fact Checking

We rely on our team of qualified and experienced fact checkers who provide a critical step in our commitment to content integrity. Fact checkers rigorously review articles for accuracy, relevance, and timeliness. We use only the most current and reputable primary references, including government organizations, academic institutions, and financial associations.


At Investopedia, we aspire to provide the highest quality content produced by humans, for humans. It is against our guidelines to publish automatically generated content using AI (artificial intelligence) writing tools such as ChatGPT.


The accuracy of our verified information and news articles is core to our brand. So too is our commitment to accountability to our readers and transparency about our accuracy and corrections practices. 

Our rich library of “evergreen” content is routinely updated and fact-checked to ensure ongoing publication of accurate, complete, relevant, and up-to-date useful information. Following our rigorous and systematic updating and verification process, articles in our content library are date-stamped to indicate to readers that the information is complete and accurate. News articles often cover a distinct event in time and are not part of our routine update process. 

At Investopedia, we are committed to telling readers when an error has appeared, and to correcting it. When we discover a significant error of fact in an article, we will correct the article as quickly as possible and append a correction note. All corrections will be clearly labeled, dated, and include information about what was corrected. 

We welcome our readers’ participation in our ongoing commitment to accuracy and fact-checking. If you believe we have published a factual error in any of our content, please let us know and we will investigate and take appropriate corrective and/or updating measures. To report a possible error of fact, please visit our Contact Us page and select Article Update – Correction.

Management Team

Investopedia is part of the Dotdash Meredith publishing family and operates under the leadership of CEO Neil Vogel.

About Dotdash Meredith

Dotdash Meredith is the largest digital and print publisher in America. From mobile to magazines, nearly 200 million people trust us to help them make decisions, take action, and find inspiration. Dotdash Meredith’s over 50 iconic brands include PEOPLE, Better Homes & Gardens, Verywell, FOOD & WINE, The Spruce, Allrecipes, Byrdie, REAL SIMPLE, Investopedia, Southern Living and more.


Investopedia is a fast-growing company and we are always looking for motivated, multi-talented, and organized people to join our team. To learn more, please see the Dotdash Meredith Careers page which will have opportunities with both Investopedia and the rest of the Dotdash Meredith publishing family.

Contact Us

Whether you have a comment or suggestion to share, we look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to reach out by visiting our Contact Us page.


Our primary offices are in New York City and Edmonton, Canada. Our New York City office is located at 225 Liberty Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10007 and is not open to the public. Our Edmonton office is located at 4208 – 97 Street, Edmonton, AB T6E 5Z9 and is not open to the public.

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