Among tech investments, the search for the next titan resembles a deep dive into the ocean for pearls. The periodic portfolio shifts toward solid tech contenders with high-yield potential as the digital space evolves. From cybersecurity advancement to disruptive biotech, potential brims for astronomical growth through three decisive picks. The first one’s strategic edge, the
Some traders panic-sold their PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL) shares after the company issued modest current-year revenue guidance. However, a thorough PYPL stock analysis indicates that this is a terrific dip-buying opportunity. If you’re bullish about artificial intelligence, consider investing in PayPal for the long term. You might have thought of PayPal stock as a fintech stock but not an AI stock.
Tough times require tough cost-cutting decisions, including job layoffs. However, to get a company back on the right track, reach profitability, and increase margins, they’re often required. Below are just a few of the top post-layoffs stocks that should flourish, as they get back on the right track. We also have to consider that job
Oversold stocks are the equivalent of Wall Street’s clearance sale. Many times, stores have too much inventory of certain products that are holding up valuable real estate. They gotta go – and you just might benefit. Of course, you don’t want to buy everything that’s offered simply because it’s on discount. If the clothes on
Utility stocks are trusted for the long haul for a reason. Commanding permanent relevance, they’re practically impossible to displace. Stated differently, utility stocks benefit from what’s known as a natural monopoly. While would-be rivals are free to compete with these established entities, they also face considerable hurdles. From high startup costs to onerous regulations, it
The world of consumer discretionary stocks can be tricky. It is full of highly cyclical businesses that can take a sudden turn in either direction. Often when you least expect it. This is why it is of utmost importance to pick companies that expose you to both the cyclical nature of a discretionary name, and
The metaverse has been a costly disaster so far. But don’t write the market or the top metaverse stocks off just yet.  For one, despite a $46.5 billion loss on the metaverse, Meta Platforms’ (NASDAQ:META) CEO Mark Zuckerberg isn’t throwing in the towel. Earlier this year, he told The Verge, “I don’t know how to more unequivocally state