FuboTV (NYSE:FUBO) stock has generated over 175% returns in the past 12-months. The company is establishing itself as a leader in the sports streaming realm as it differentiates itself from its entertainment-focused peers. Source: monticello / With growth catalysts in its advertising business and its foray into the sports betting industry, expect FUBO stock
After suffering from the pandemic last year, the energy sector is by far the best-performing sector of the stock market this year making royalty trusts worth another look. Thanks to the massive rollout of vaccines and the deep production cuts of OPEC and Russia, the price of oil has rallied to a 3-year high while
Healthcare, one of the largest and most complex sectors, is comprised of a broad range of companies that sell medical products and services. The healthcare sector includes companies that sell drugs, medical devices, and insurance, as well as hospitals and healthcare providers. Some of the largest healthcare companies in the world include UnitedHealth Group Inc. (UNH), Pfizer
Zomedica (NYSEAMERICAN:ZOM) is the “meme stock” that just can’t take off. Despite constant prodding from Reddit and even some positive opinions from InvestorPlace, this pet health company remains in the penny stock dungeon. In fact, ZOM stock shares haven’t traded above $1 since April. Source: didesign021 / Fortunately, though, help is on the way
Have you ever wondered what rules Warren Buffett might use to analyze potential stock picks. In episode three, the Stig and Preston discuss Buffett’s 4 rules to selecting a successful stock pick. You won’t want to miss this important discussion! IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN: – Vigilant leadership – Long term prospects – Stable and
EV charging leader ChargePoint (NYSE:CHPT) has hit a rough patch recently. CHPT stock dropped 29% over the past month amid worries surrounding a lack of charging infrastructure spend in Biden’s new infrastructure bill. Also present are concerns that EV spending will take a backseat in the event that Covid-19 becomes a headline problem again. Source: YuniqueB
Growth has clearly been the winning investment strategy over the past decade. Buying shares of well-managed businesses in industries with above-average growth has proven capable of superior portfolio performance. Therefore today, we’ll discuss seven growth stocks that could be appropriate for a range of readers. Most growth stock have high valuation metrics, such above
Income investors are always searching for high yields, which are hard to find with today’s historically low interest rates and record-high stock prices. But investors should not sacrifice dividend safety in favor of higher yields. This is why high-quality dividend stocks like the Dividend Aristocrats are so valuable. The Dividend Aristocrats are a select group
In any other circumstance, Opendoor Technologies (NASDAQ:OPEN) stock may have been a no-brainer investment. Source: PREMIO STOCK/ As you probably know, owning real estate is the epitome of the American Dream — but the paperwork to seal the deal is a veritable nightmare. Opendoor’s digitalization of the buying and selling process is the answer we’ve