Stocks to buy

The U.S. economy is showing remarkable resilience despite previous concerns of a slowdown. Recent data, including the S&P Global composite PMI, revealed encouraging signs of growth, surpassing expectations and hitting a 25-month high in May. Chief economist Chris Williamson highlighted the acceleration of the U.S. economic upturn, suggesting a solid GDP gain for the second
Buying stocks can lead to more wealth. Your money will work for you and push you closer toward meaningful financial goals. However, you have to invest in the right stocks to increase your chances of success. Corporations with rising revenue and profit margins look promising. These companies also need to have competitive advantages and plenty
As we delve deeper into 2024, biotech stocks are commanding the attention of growth-focused investors. Despite facing volatility and regulatory challenges in recent years, biotech is poised for a resurgence. Breakthroughs in personalized medicine and gene editing technologies are driving biotech forward. The global biotechnology market was valued at $1.0 trillion in 2022 and is
Investors have been navigating a complex financial landscape marked by persistent inflation and geopolitical uncertainties. Amid this backdrop, commodity stocks to buy remain a focal point. Analysts note that commodities offer returns largely independent of stocks and bonds. As a result, this asset class helps enhance diversification and overall portfolio performance. Yet commodities have lagged
These three stocks, all under $10, have a good chance of making enormous profits by 2026. Every business has unique advantages and strategic plans that set them up for substantial value growth. The first one is notable for its solid financial performance, including a noteworthy profitability boost. The second has achieved a considerable increase in net
The world is shifting to a more environmentally friendly approach, with people looking for solutions such as solar to deal with climate change and decrease carbon footprints. At the end of 2022, the US already had around 3.9 millionphotovoltaic solar power systems. The pace of growth has been an outstanding 37% YOY, and demand only seems to be rising.  According