Stocks to buy

The top energy stocks are poised for a promising future, despite the global economic slowdown. Moreover, while immediate gains in the energy sector may seem modest, there’s a powerful case for long-term growth. Investors focused on income will find multiple energy stocks particularly appealing for their portfolios. Despite inconsistency in energy stocks this year, the
Disney (NYSE:DIS), once considered a reliable investment, faced numerous challenges in recent years, causing setbacks for hopeful investors. Despite a 4% increase this year after positive earnings, the stock remains down 53% from its peak. The stock hit a recent low below $80 per share in October, providing plenty of concern for this previously high-flying stock.
For investors seeking stable, reliable stocks for retirement, it’s worth focusing on companies that offer long-term investors a secure income. The stocks on this list of retirement-worthy picks all pay out reasonable dividend yields. However, despite their stability, these companies also provide their fair share of innovation and excitement. Building a portfolio for retirement isn’t
The ongoing tech dynamism and market upheaval unveil the imminent rise of three high-potential stocks set to redefine 2024. In this era of unprecedented innovation and transformative strategies, the corridors of the trio resonate with the pulse of technological evolution. Project a landscape where artificial intelligence (AI) reigns supreme, logistics becomes an art form and
In an era of technological innovation and market dynamism, three standout stocks to buy for the next decade are drawing attention for their disruptive strategies and potential for monumental growth. These companies are not merely enterprises but visionaries redefining sectors through unparalleled operational acumen, strategic acquisitions and innovative market approaches. The first stock, riding the
Investors have cooled recenty on SoFi Technologies (NASDAQ:SOFI) stock, which may surprise some. After all, in late October this fintech firm/neobank unveiled strong quarterly results and promising updates to guidance. However, a recent valuation development has stuck in the minds of investors and started to counter the positive takeaways from the latest earnings release. This
Even though Block (NYSE:SQ) is a premier player in the digital payments space, its 2023 performance is disappointing. A turnaround is likely imminent for SQ stock, however, as Block will soon be a leaner business and the company expects to earn substantial operating income this year. It’s understandable if some investors are concerned about Block’s future. Alyssa