Peruse the Internet for investment guidance and you’re likely to hear the adage that you shouldn’t consider stocks to sell when faced with volatility. Rather, you should buy up assets and securities when there’s blood on the streets. To be honest, it sounds bold and daring and something that alpha males do. However, blind adherence
When GameStop (NYSE:GME) reports earnings on March 21 after markets close, Wall Street expects a damp squib. Analysts anticipate revenues of only $2.18 billion, 3.2% less than last year’s figures. And net income should clock in at a -$48.5 million loss. Fewer new console games… a reduced store count… bad news from suppliers… we’re probably seeing
With market anxieties rising to the forefront, investors inherently seek protection, which bodes well for gold stocks to buy. To be fair, the yellow metal historically garnered criticism because, at the end of the day, it’s just a commodity. Gold doesn’t hire workers, it doesn’t generate earnings and most importantly, it has a yield (passive
There’s a lot going on with California-headquartered electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Mullen Automotive (NASDAQ:MULN), but it’s not all positive news. As we’ll discover, $1 is a crucial level for MULN stock, and investors have to consider that a delisting might happen in 2023. Mullen Automotive also has other problems that prospective shareholders need to consider before
The emergence of generative AI platforms like ChatGPT already has far-reaching implications for society and the economy. But this sector is already crowded. In addition to all the publicly traded companies in this sector, thousands of private companies are in the business of AI. That gives investors a lot to think about when they look
According to JPMorgan, “Value investing is about picking stocks based on their potential long-term value,” and “Value investors are looking to buy stocks that are overlooked by other investors.” With concerns about the economy being way overdone at this point and fears on the Street, in general, running relatively high, there are many value stocks