Value stock strategist, Tracey Ryniec, uses the P/S ratio to profile Casey’s General Store, Inc. (CASY). Casey’s General Store: Follow us on StockTwits: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook:
A look at two stocks for your aggressive growth stock radar screen. Nvidia: Tesla: Follow us on StockTwits: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook:
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You’ll learn how many trades you should trade per day, week, or month. People are always wondering how many trades they should do. I’ll show you what the best and the most profitable approach is. #stocktrading #tradestocks #tradingstocks #stockmarket #stocktraders Posted at: 💌 Newsletter & Announcements : 🎁 Discord Group: 🔥 Freebies:
In this episode, Preston and Stig review the best selling book, Good to Great, by Jim Collins. This book has been recommended by billionaire Jeff Bezos and numerous other successful business owners. This book teaches people how to focus on hiring the right people, getting divisions to perform like hedgehogs, and how to create flywheels
Trey Lockerbie sits down with Arif Karim to talk about Netflix. Arif holds a degree in economics from MIT and is a Sr. Investment Analyst at Ensemble Capital. Netflix is another amazing example of a company with an incredible flywheel effect. A lot of people stated that Netflix would never be profitable, and yet, they
– LEAPS = Long Term Equities Anticipated Securities – Stock options that are longer than one year – Buying out option premium on a longer-term horizon – Bought a year or more in advance – Options that expire and many of them decay over time much slower than shorter-term options – LEAPS allow you to
The majority of stock is common stock, but there are two other types as well. 1.Common -Traded by the general public (i.e. on NYSE, NASDAQ, Dow Jones) -Executed quickly 2. Preferred -You either have to pay more to get it or you have to be part of the company to get it -If the company
How many stocks should you follow and how many stocks should you be watching? I’ll help you understand how things work in the stock market and how you need to go about following and trading stocks. #tradingstocks #followingstocks #watchingstocks #greattrader #stockmarket Posted at: 💌 Newsletter & Announcements : 🎁 Discord Group: 🔥
I’ll show you why mastering patience and discipline is crucial when trading stocks. You want to become a profitable and successful stock trader. So, you need to start doing what they do. This video will help you on that road. #trader #stocktrader #tradingstocks #tradingmindset #tradingemotional #tradingpatience #tradingdiscipline Posted at: 💌 Newsletter & Announcements :
Gold is now close to its six year high.. Here is what investors need to know. SPDR Gold Shares: IShares Gold Trust: GraniteShares Gold Trust: Aberdeen Standard Physical Swiss Gold Shares ETF: Follow us on StockTwits: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: