Dividend Stocks

Inflation has been surging, including a 6.8% increase in November compared to the prior year. This was the largest year-over-year increase in nearly four decades. The Federal Reserve’s response could boost some dividend stocks. In order to help keep inflation from spiraling out of control, the Fed announced that tapering of asset purchases would likely
AT&T (NYSE:T) stock may not have bottomed out recently at $22.17 on Dec. 15. This is despite the company’s proposed dividend cut next year. The issues with the upcoming spin-off/merger are making things highly uncertain. As a result, T stock has been struggling in the past three months. It is still down $3.41 to $24.19
Within equities as an asset class, there can be a broad classification of growth and income investors. Growth investors seek to find opportunities in high growth business ideas. In general, a portfolio of growth stocks would have a high-beta. Further, there are dividend investors who look for stable businesses with robust cash flows. Income investors
Healthcare stocks offer investors a wide variety of stocks. There are healthcare stocks that lean more toward growth versus value, high dividend yields versus dividend growth, and so on. Healthcare also tends to perform quite well during recessionary periods. Their recession-resistant businesses and steady dividends can help reduce the severity of market downturns during recessions.
During tumultuous market periods, such as the one that has taken over since the newest variant of Covid-19 was discovered, investors tend to flock to safety. That can mean different things to different investors, but for dividend investors, the safety of reliable payouts can mean less volatility in one’s portfolio during periods of market weakness.
Tech stocks have traditionally been associated with growth, not income. While this reputation is still true on the whole, there are now many top tech stocks that are dividend stocks and pay income to shareholders. Dividend paying tech stocks also offer growth, making them appealing for investors looking for a blend of growth and income.
It’s fascinating to witness Wall Street turning against telecommunications giant AT&T (NYSE:T) stock. The way they’re treating this iconic company, you’d think AT&T was headed toward zero. Source: Roman Tiraspolsky / Shutterstock.com Of course, that won’t happen anytime soon. Part of the problem is that the market has been rotating out of telecom stocks. This trend,