Stocks to sell

There were both positive and negative aspects of GameStop (NYSE:GME) stock and its third-quarter earnings report. Source: quietbits / On the positive side, I think that the company is taking multiple steps that will move it closer to its goal of becoming an e-commerce giant, and the retailer was able to generate significant year-over-year
StoneCo Ltd. (NASDAQ:STNE) is a Cayman Islands-based financial technology solutions company operating in Brazil. STNE stock began trading in 2018 with an initial public offering price of $24, raising then $1.22 billion in total proceeds. Source: Shutterstock This has been a dramatic year for STNE stock, having lost nearly 80% in value since Jan. 1.
EV charging company ChargePoint’s (NASDAQ:CHPT)  revenue grew rapidly again last quarter. However, the market hasn’t paid much attention to that, and CHPT stock has lost over 28% of its value in the past month. Source: Michael Vi / The company wants investors to believe that it’s a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, but the margins and
Bakkt Holdings (NYSE:BKKT) stock has garnered recent attention primarily because it is a catchall for the digital economy. The world is eager to understand how to capitalize on what many see as a revolution in digital assets.  Source: Shutterstock The firm operates a regulated platform allowing consumers to store “digital assets, access liquidity and trade,
SoFi (NASDAQ:SOFI) reported third-quarter results that showed strength in some areas. But the company remains unprofitable and its EBITDA actually dropped year-over-year last quarter, while a number of the bulls’ main theory theories on the company appear to be misguided. Moreover, boding badly for SOFI stock, many entities sold the shares in recent months, and
Asana (NYSE:ASAN), which provides a “work management platform,” has important strengths, including the many positive reviews that its offering received and that it provides a few services not offered by its main competitors. Conversely, the company is facing very tough competition, it’s far from being profitable, and the valuation of ASAN stock is quite high.
By all rights, SmileDirectClub (NASDAQ:SDC) shareholders should be a happy bunch right now. After all, Covid-19 kept many people out of dental offices, creating the perfect opportunity for a company built around remote teledentistry. In addition, pandemic-weary consumers have spent 2 years of boosting spending on self-care. Improving their smile should have been a no-brainer. However,
Sometimes a stock mysteriously rises without any identifiable logic. That’s essentially what happened in the case of AeroClean Technologies (NASDAQ:AERC) stock, which rose meteorically, only to quickly plummet.  Source: Maridav/ It is really a very strange tale in the world of the stock market. There’s plenty of precedent in recent times for strange tales within
Phunware (NASDAQ:PHUN) stock apparently soared in October due to its connections to cryptocurrencies and the 2020 reelection campaign of President Donald Trump. Phunware’s software allows companies “to engage, manage, and monetize their mobile applications.” Source: mundissima / Because of Phunware’s links with the Trump campaign, some investors believed that the company would be utilized