Stocks to buy

After many years of being cast aside, oil stocks came roaring back in a world rocked by inflation and geopolitical uncertainty. Unfortunately, those same oil stocks started off 2023 on the wrong foot. All with oil prices slumping on fears of a potential recession and ensuing slowdown in global demand. In addition, recent problems in the
Editor’s note: “Breakthrough Tech’s Kickstarting the $11 Trillion Hydrogen Revolution” was previously published in May 2022. It has since been updated to include the most relevant information available. The world’s energy industry needs to change. And frankly, whatever firm figures out how to best execute this change will become the world’s most valuable company. I
Investors tend to seek growth when allocating capital, particularly when considering what bonds yield right now. Accordingly, many emerging markets stocks are seeing an uptick in investor interest, given the growth rates of these markets relative to the developed world. Accordingly, influential institutions, including BlackRock, agree that there are legitimate reasons to invest in emerging markets
The wavering market is setting up potential breakout stocks for savvy investors. The S&P 500 exchange-traded fund (NYSE:SPY) retreated from its Feb. 2023 peak to gain only 1.98% for the year-to-date. The lack of direction sent the less followed stocks to close near a 52-week low. Cautious investors may take a while before they realize
With market anxieties rising to the forefront, investors inherently seek protection, which bodes well for gold stocks to buy. To be fair, the yellow metal historically garnered criticism because, at the end of the day, it’s just a commodity. Gold doesn’t hire workers, it doesn’t generate earnings and most importantly, it has a yield (passive
The emergence of generative AI platforms like ChatGPT already has far-reaching implications for society and the economy. But this sector is already crowded. In addition to all the publicly traded companies in this sector, thousands of private companies are in the business of AI. That gives investors a lot to think about when they look
According to JPMorgan, “Value investing is about picking stocks based on their potential long-term value,” and “Value investors are looking to buy stocks that are overlooked by other investors.” With concerns about the economy being way overdone at this point and fears on the Street, in general, running relatively high, there are many value stocks