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Top Roku Shareholders

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Roku Inc. (ROKU) offers TV streaming services and streaming devices. Its streaming platform gives customers the ability to view thousands of channels on a range of other streaming services, and enables content providers and advertisers to reach consumers worldwide. Roku generates revenue primarily through selling digital advertising, tools for audience development, and content distribution. It also sells its own Roku-branded TV and various other streaming devices.

The top shareholders of Roku are Stephen Kay, Charles Collier, and Scott A. Rosenberg. The top institutional owners are Ark Investment Management LLC, Vanguard Group Inc, and FMR LLC.

Key Takeaways

  • Roku Inc. offers a streaming platform and also earns revenue though digital advertising, content distribution, and hardware sales.
  • The top shareholders of Roku are Stephen Kay, Charles Collier, and Scott A. Rosenberg.
  • The top institutional shareholders of Roku are Ark Investment Management LLC, Vanguard Group Inc, and FMR LLC.

Top 3 Individual Insider Shareholders

The shares owned by individual insider shareholders are those that are held through direct ownership. They do not include shares held indirectly nor shares accessible through stock options. As of January 31, 2024, the company had 126,162,538 of Class A shares outstanding.

Stephen Kay

Stephen Kay owns a total of 471,001 Roku shares, representing 0.03% of the company’s total shares outstanding. Kay, who joined Roku in 2014, is senior vice president and general counsel. He manages all legal matters, including corporate and commercial transactions, intellectual property, compliance, and more. Prior to Roku, he worked for 11 years as a managing partner at the Los Angeles office of law firm Hogan Lovells. Before that, Kay served as executive vice president and general counsel at Gemstar-TV Guide International Inc.


“Insider” refers to people in senior management positions and members of the board of directors, as well as people or entities that own more than 10% of the company’s stock. In this context, it has nothing to do with insider trading.

Scott A. Rosenberg

Scott A. Rosenberg owns a total of 75,784 Roku shares, representing less than 0.01% of the company’s total shares outstanding. Rosenberg is senior vice president and general manager of Roku’s platform business. He joined the company in 2012 as vice president of advertising, and in 2017 was appointed general manager and senior vice president of advertising. Prior to Roku, Rosenberg was CEO of Umami Co., a provider of mobile applications for online-TV viewing that he co-founded in 2010. Before that, he has held positions several companies, including at digital entertainment company Rovi Corp. and chipmaker Intel Corp. (INTC).

Charles Collier

Charlie Collier joined Roku in October 2022 as President, Roku Media, bringing over 25 years of media leadership experience. Prior to Roku, he served as CEO of FOX Entertainment, where he led the overall entertainment strategy. Previously, Collier oversaw AMC, SundanceTV, and AMC Studios, launching iconic series like Mad Men and Breaking Bad. According to Nasdaw, Mr. Collier owned 60,081 shares as of September 1, 2023.

Top 3 Institutional Shareholders

Ark Investment Management LLC

Ark Investment Management LLC owned 12.6 million shares of Roku as of 3/31/2024. This represents roughly 10% of all outstanding Class A shares. Ark Investment Management LLC was founded by Cathy Wood who also serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer. The firm prides itself on its open research process that strives to seek disruptive innovation investment opportunities. Ark Investment Management LLC’s seven actively managed ETFs had roughly $13.5 billion of AUM as of March 2024. The ETF ARKK (the BMO Ark Innovation Fund) holds over 9 million shares of ROKU, about 8.22 of the fund’s weight as of 4/19/2024.

Vanguard Group Inc

Vanguard Group owns 11.8 million shares of Roku, representing 9.4% of total shares outstanding. The company is primarily a mutual fund and ETF management company with about $8 trillion as of 2023. The Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund holds roughly $229 million worth of Roku, though that represents only 0.02% of the ETF’s total weight as of 4/19/2024.


FMR owns 10.9 million shares of Roku, representing 8.6% of total shares outstanding. FMR is one of the nation’s largest financial services companies and offers investment management, retirement options, brokerage, financial planning, and wealth management services. The company owns investment management firm Fidelity Investments, which has a total discretionary AUM of approximately $12 trillion. The company manages a range of ETFs and mutual funds. The Fidelity Growth Company Fund (FDGRX) is one of the company’s mutual funds that holds shares of Roku. Roku shares comprise about 0.045% of the fund’s total weight, holding about $27 million as of March 2024.

Who Founded Roku?

Roku was founded by Anthony Wood.

What Is the Roku Channel?

The Roku channel is a streaming platform providing customers with free, ad-supported video content. The Roku channel also offers paid content via more than 50 subscriptions and is available to the U.S., Canada, and the U.K (on Roku devices, the web, or mobile devices).

What Hardware Does Roku Sell?

Roku may be known for their televisions and streaming players, but they have expanded to a broader physical product line. Roku offers premium Roku wireless speakers with 5.1 surround sound experience, and it has a suite of smart home products.

The Bottom Line

Roku Inc. is a leading provider of TV streaming services and devices, offering access to a wide range of channels and streaming services. The company generates revenue primarily through digital advertising, audience development tools, and content distribution, in addition to selling Roku-branded TVs and streaming devices. Its top shareholders include Stephen Kay, Charles Collier, and Scott A. Rosenberg, with institutional ownership by firms like Ark Investment Management LLC, Vanguard Group Inc, and FMR LLC.

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