While Senseonics (NYSE:SENS) stock has a great deal of potential, the shares currently have a fairly high valuation. Source: Minerva Studio / Shutterstock.com Moreover, in the short-term and medium-term, SENS stock looks poised to fall significantly. Senseonics has developed Eversense, a 90-day continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system. According to the company, the device provides continuous
Economic capital (EC) refers to the amount of risk capital that a bank estimates it will need in order to remain solvent at a given confidence level and time horizon. Regulatory capital (RC), on the other hand, reflects the amount of capital that a bank needs, given regulatory guidance and rules. This article, in addition
Calculating the equity risk premium for a security using Microsoft Excel is rather straightforward. Before entering anything into the spreadsheet, find the expected rate of return for the security and a relevant risk-free rate in the market. Once those numbers are known, enter a formula that subtracts the risk-free value from the expected value. By
In the oil and gas sector, proven reserves have a reasonable certainty of being recovered, while unproven reserves have a decreased level of certainty in being recovered. Recoverable oil reserves are the amount of oil that can reasonably be recovered given current technical and economic conditions. Reserves have specific classifications related to the degree of
Principal-protected notes (PPNs) are fixed-income securities that guarantee to return, at a minimum, all invested principal. This guarantee of the return of the initial investment is their distinguishing feature. The names used to describe PPNs, or “notes,” vary. In the U.S. market, they are called structured securities, structured products, or non-conventional investments. In Canada, they
Bloomberg vs. Reuters: An Overview The onset of the digital revolution cultivated new ways to access information, leading to cutting-edge information platforms in Bloomberg and Reuters. Both Bloomberg L.P. and Reuters are now seen by many as the fastest and most credible digital information sources in the financial industry, providing data and financial news to
Some clients view financial advisors who sell life insurance with a certain suspicion. After all, a financial advisor is supposed to be the untouchable fiduciary working solely on the client’s behalf. For some, it might seem incompatible to have an advisor who also sells life insurance. However, the truth is most financial advisors wear multiple
What Is Okcoin? Cryptocurrency trading is a relatively new market. This market gained prominence following the 2009 launch of Bitcoin, one of the world’s most popular and widely traded digital currencies. But unlike centralized exchanges, such as stock exchanges, cryptocurrencies trade on decentralized systems called blockchains. Trading can often be difficult to navigate, especially for
Off-balance-sheet entities are assets or debts that do not appear on a company’s balance sheet. Investors use balance sheets to understand a company’s assets and liabilities and to evaluate its financial health. Because assets are better than liabilities, companies want to have more assets and fewer liabilities on their balance sheets. Some will place their
No doubt about it: like other air travel companies, American Airlines Group (NASDAQ:AAL) is heavily dependent on the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines. Without that, AAL stock holders would be in big trouble, financially speaking. Source: GagliardiPhotography / Shutterstock.com And indeed, the share price has rebounded since the Covid-19 pandemic devastated the stock market and the travel
QuantumScape (NYSE:QS) stock supports a next-generation battery technology developer aiming to revolutionize the EV charging sector with solid-state batteries. Source: Michael Vi / Shutterstock.com Despite its pre-revenue status, QuantumScape is well-funded and continues to execute its plans effectively to gain the confidence of its stockholders. Although several risks remain with its business, it is doing
Nikola (NASDAQ:NKLA) is a poster child for the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) boom and bust of the past year. Nikola rose to prominence in 2020. Investors hoped that Nikola, powered by its charismatic founder, Trevor Milton, could become the next Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA). For awhile, NKLA stock soared as Milton’s pitch gained more and more