Not every investor wants to search for the next million-maker stock. While these types of stocks can generate significant returns, they also have more risk. Blue-chip stocks allow investors to enter positions with less risk, and these stocks can still outperform the market. Blue-chip stocks are reliable companies that have good financials and a few
A Home Depot location in Encinitas, California. Mike Blake | Reuters With the late 2023 rally underway, investors can bolster their portfolios by adding a select group of dividend payers into the mix. Dividend-paying stocks give investors a combination of potential price appreciation and income, which can enhance total returns. Bearing that in mind, here
Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META) stock has seen a more-than 170% this year. With a focus on social media profitability and AI integration, this stock has gained momentum. Consumers and investors responded positively to the company’s introduction of the Quest 3 VR headset, generative AI chatbots, and updated Ray-Ban smart glasses.  The company reported strong results and
Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY) stock has faced a steep decline, plummeting more than 99% from its $300 2018 peak. The Canadian cannabis market fell short of growth expectations, leading to challenges. Tilray is diversifying its business model with craft brewing ventures. With the stock trading under $2 per share, newfound delisting concerns that are plaguing the stock.
As 2023 nears its end, it’s become increasingly clear that it has been a critical year. Sustainable transport stocks have reached new heights. They are now prime investment opportunities. Electric vehicle (EV) sales are skyrocketing, almost doubling each year. This surge is a financial boon. Every increase in market share sparks investor enthusiasm. BloombergNEF’s latest
Amidst the regular speculations and announcements in the gaming sector, picking the right gaming stocks can be challenging. To make a wise decision, investors should consider such factors as growth potential, robust competition, positive market performance, and innovation. Let’s dive into the reasons behind investors’ intrigue and attraction toward these three, hot gaming stocks. Roblox